There are few pros to accepting a cash offers for your home. One, the typical mortgage process takes 30-45 days to close, whereas a cash offer may take only a week. In a competitive market, like we are currently experiencing, sellers will benefit from taking a cash home buyer offer over a mortgage buyer. Buyers with the fewest obstacles are the easiest and most profitable to deal with.

CT Cash Homes has been helping homeowners across Connecticut and Massachusetts sell their homes for cash. If this is something that intrigues you, read on for the top few reasons that selling to a Real Estate Investor makes sense.

1. More Flexible and Faster Sale Process

Cash offers for homes are more attractive to sellers because there is a faster closing time. No mortgages or lengthy process and the whole approval process is basically skipped and less chance the deal falls thru.

2. Sell As Is

When your home is offered in an “as-is” condition, the buyer can take it or leave it. No updates, No haggling and no inspections. You are selling as is!

3. No Real Estate Fees

There no additional real estate fees or sales commissions. These types of fees can take a huge chunk of change out of your pocket.

4. Helps Avoid Foreclosure

If your home is being foreclosed on due to an unpaid mortgage, selling your home for cash will help you pay your mortgage and start recovering your credit sooner. CT Cash Homes has helped dozens of homeowners just like you sell their home for cash. Call us today at (860) 249-0950